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Coaching is a calling for me. I enjoy helping my clients surpass their wildest expectations and achieve balance and contentment in their lives. I provide a selection of coaching options in order to meet my clientele’s time demands and individual needs. My two most popular options are Individual Coaching and Group Coaching.

Both of these coaching options include over the phone coaching, one-on-one conversations discussing YOU and your goals, as well as daily email contact. You will be amazed at the effect a few coaching sessions can have on your mindset and life!

The only difference between individual coaching and group coaching is the number of participants. In group coaching, more than one person participates, decreasing the amount of personal time but increasing positive synergy of the group and allowing for brainstorms. Individual coaching allows our energy to be focused solely on your goals and expectations.

Brilliant Focus Coaching: What will your life look like a year from now?  Will you have written your book, identified work that is aligned with your passion, earned your first six figures in your business?  Do you need someone to help you create an action plan for your goals and hold you accountable to create the results that you want?  You get to decide by the action or inaction that you take.  What do you really want?  Learn about Brilliant Focus Coaching HERE.

 The Moms Accountability Mastermind is uniquely dedicated to encourage mothers to create goals, learn strategies to live empowered throughout motherhood, make friends with accountability partners, and learn from the experts the information that you want to know. 

You'll harness the power of structured masterminding with other moms to be challenged to put yourself on your life list, make time consistently for you, and set goals and accomplish them. You will have ongoing access to Mia's coaching and support as well as regular motivation and inspiration from mom experts that will offer you insights about health, wealth, self, spirituality, mental health, goal setting and more. All from the comfort of your home. 

Learn more here.

Finding Definitions mission is to help moms, Dream Big, Live Fully, Be Healthy and Personally Grow. I created this company to help busy mothers balance the rigors of parenting with strategies for finding personal time.
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