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With the power of our popular teleseminar series, you can learn without leaving the house, grow without disrupting your schedule and be part of a life-transforming discussion that will help you focus on YOU.

Each teleseminar is especially crafted for mothers and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Each class holds valuable information and allows for an interactive, cooperative discussion. With flexible timing, downloadable audio files and valuable worksheets, you will find the teleseminar resource absolutely invaluable to your growth as a mother and human being


A sampling of my most powerful messages:

Mom Series:

  • Time Everyday

    This session focuses on the essential steps to establish Time for Yourself. After attending this workshop, you know how to plan a day that includes you. You learn effective strategies on self-care. You learn that time can be your friend.

  • Taking Care of Me

    This session focuses on Self-Care for Moms. Women learn the benefits of taking care of themselves, spiritually, physically and mentally. This workshop shares the five most important areas of self. This session is for the mom who feels she needs a break from it all. You learn how to live so you don’t have to have that feeling anymore.

Family Series:
  • Powerful Parenting 101

    This session focuses on the seven essential ingredients of Perfect Parenting. Attendees learn: What children really want from their parents? Why parents have to give children rules and boundaries in order for them to grow into happy adults.

  • Powerful Parenting 102

    This session focuses on establishing essential Parent-Child Communication with a young child. Specifically, participants learn “what to say to your children about bullying, using profanities and sex…" Attendees learn to teach their children how to face these difficult situations without giving in to the feeling of fear, peer pressure or anxiety. This workshop is designed for parents with children 13 or younger.

Finding Definitions mission is to help moms, Dream Big, Live Fully, Be Healthy and Personally Grow. I created this company to help busy mothers balance the rigors of parenting with strategies for finding personal time.
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