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Do you struggle with balancing motherhood?

Are “You”trying to figure out your motherhood groove? Are you currently challenged with too many commitments? Do you feel guilty (BE HONEST) for wanting a break? Do you justify investing in yourself? Do you secretly desire to elevate your motherhood experience?

Can you even remember the person you were before motherhood?


What dreams you had for your life?

What hobbies did you enjoyed?

Or, are you wearing a mask in motherhood? Is this YOU?  I have asked myself these exact questions over the last fourteen years as a mother of three,I have struggled with setting boundaries, finding my voice, asking for help and learning how to negotiate and redefine better healthier terms for my life.

There is good news. You do not have to sacrifice your well being to be a great mom! In fact, you will be a BETTER Mom if you take care of YOU! You will share more of who you are with your children if you know who you are.

Why time for yourself is NOT selfish

I created my company to help moms around the world learn strategies to elevate motherhood. — Listen Up!—When I became a mother I never learned how to incorporate balance reflection or self-care. You see, I knew everything about preparing for my newborn children but very little about preparing for my personal transition.

So I begin to research the habits of moms and mothers groups to learn how moms were managing motherhood and making it work,getting stuck and then I began to apply what I had learned. Eureka! It all began when I became part of a small group of eighteen moms. Soon, I became the chapter President for the organization and by simply applying what I had learned, that group soon grew from just eighteen members to over 300 in a short period of time. I tested my strategies and learned a powerful secret about motherhood. Most mothers are so disconnected from themselves that they struggle with time alone even though they crave it.

Do you feel guilty for needing a time out?  Do you struggle with leaving your children in capable hands while you spend some "Me Time" to refuel? “ Does having the desire to take care of yourself make you feel like a bad mom?”?  This unreasonable guilt plagues most moms, even when they visit the bathroom alone—let alone a night out for themselves.

For more than fourteen years I have studied the habits of moms as well as the principles of self care.  I have found that most women neglect themselves in order to meet the needs of their family.  Self sacrifice is not the answer.

The answer is putting yourself FIRST so you can be the best mom and wife you can be.

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The better you begin to take care of you and pursue the things you love, the more value you add to your family. Send in your pictures to be featured on the site.
Finding Definitions mission is to help moms, Dream Big, Live Fully, Be Healthy and Personally Grow. I created this company to help busy mothers balance the rigors of parenting with strategies for finding personal time.
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